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Fixed Hose Reel- Lilac and Green
Introducing our latest addition to our fixed hose reels that are now available in both green and lilac. 
TTMA Sight Glass
We are pleased to introduce the new 3" Sight Glass to continue the expansion of our range within the Australasian transport market. The 3” Sight Glass is Dixon branded and is date batched for easy identification and traceability, with pre-drilled holes conforming to the TTMA standard.
Rubber Handy Roll
Insertion Rubber Handy Rolls are now available in 2 and 5 meter lengths. In addition to being smaller and lighter in size, the Insertion Rubber Handy Rolls have been designed to meet the requirements of your vehicle trays, workstation tops or other applications where a 10m roll is just too much and may lead to waste.
New & Improved B5107 Series Butterfly Valve
New & improved!   B5107-Series Butterfly Valve with Vertical Canister Acutation   B5107-Series Butterfly Valve with Pull Handle Clamp End
Dixon Bayco® 5500-Series API Coupler Announcement
The latest Dixon Bayco® 5500-Series API Coupler is now available.   Order Dixon Bayco 550-Series API Coupler Now
We're Looking Forward to Seeing You Again
Check here frequently for upcoming distributor training and events.   See Our Events
King crimp products
If there’s one potential mishap on your work site or plant that’s particularly damaging--but easy to avoid--it’s an improperly crimped hose. Ensuring a properly coupled hose assembly is critical to providing an effective fluid handling solution. Making an error measuring hose dimensions or incorrectly choosing the ferrule or sleeve will result in lost time and money. Worst-case scenarios result in injury to workers or environmental damage when a hose assembly fails as a result of being incorrectly crimped.
Dixons Value Prop
There is a sign hanging at my local barbershop. It reads, "We give three kinds of haircuts here: good, fast, and cheap. If it is fast and cheap, it won’t be good. If it is good and cheap, it won’t be fast. And if it is good and fast, it won’t be cheap." Read more in our latest blog post.
Dixon Headquarters image
With the recent addition of a 100,000 ft² manufacturing facility, construction is complete, and all buildings are fully operational at Dixon’s new campus located in Chestertown, MD.
Birds Pyramid
Any professional who has ever had the privilege of leading a team of employees would know that his or her responsibilities transcend budgetary concerns and that keeping employees safe is job number one. This is true regardless of whether the leader is a line supervisor with two direct reports or a senior manager responsible for hundreds of employees, and it becomes especially important when any of the employees perform their jobs under hazardous conditions.